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refrigerator repair

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It is an immediate problem when your refrigerator breaks down. You have all of your dairy products, meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, and other items protected by the cold and they are about to get warm and spoil. You need to call a competent and reliable appliance repair service that will provide same-day service. Luckily, when you live in Honolulu, you can call Elite Honolulu Appliance Repair. We routinely fix all common refrigerator problems on a same-day basis and on our first service call (learn more).

Nobody wants to throw away good food or beg the neighbors for refrigerator and freezer space, day after day! Call us for prompt and effective repairs on all major refrigerator brands. You will call the right technicians when you call us!



Loud refrigerator noises are far and away the most common reason we check out this appliance. The noise is typically coming from a damaged condenser fan motor within the refrigerator or the evaporator fan motor inside the freezer. These motors are in distinctly different locations so please let us know where you think the noise is coming from. Then we can be sure to bring the right parts for prompt and efficient repairs.


Our certified appliance technicians routinely check out and fix refrigerator leaks. The most common problems with a leaking refrigerator are broken water inlet valves or issues with the door latch and how well the door closes. We fill up our vans with the right parts and tools to do either repair in our first service call!


The most common reason that your refrigerator won’t run is one that you can fix! Check to make sure that the appliance is plugged in and check the circuit breaker. If you need to call us you will have temperature control problem or the compressor overload relay is broken.


When your ice maker doesn’t make ice, call us for same-day help. Broken water inlet valves, damaged water fill tubes, and freezer temperature control issues are the usual reasons for this dilemma and we can fix any of them on a short, same-day visit.


Refrigerators sometimes run to warm or too cold. When your refrigerator is persistently too warm, it typically has an air inlet damper that is broken. When the appliance is always too cold, the problem lies with the thermistor or with a temperature control. Too-cold freezers have the same issues. Call us and we will bring the parts and tools to fix either of these problems very quickly


It is uncommon for us to deal with refrigerator water dispenser malfunctions but we know how to fix these and always carry the parts and tools for Whirlpool, Sears, GE, Sub-Zero, Kenmore, and other brands. The water dispenser does not work when the dispenser actuator is damaged or when there is a problem with the water inlet valve.


You will have condensation problems and leaks with your refrigerator when your door closure is not perfect or the latch is broken. We routinely fix hinges, gaskets, and seals to make sure that the refrigerator door opens correctly and closes properly. Fix this problem before you get condensation, mold buildup, and spoiled food. And, when we come to fix this problem we can replace burned out light bulbs as well.