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A broken washer or dryer that does not work puts you in a bind. Do you let the dirty clothes pile up or spend your free time running to the laundromat? The best choice is number three, call for same-day repairs. You need a local service that will come the same day and you need someone who is competent, experienced, and affordable. The good part if you live in Honolulu is that Elite Honolulu Appliance Repair always provides same-day repairs for residents of our community.

We send out our technicians with the tools, updated training and years of experience to do both common and complicated jobs during the first service appointment. We fill up our vans with every manufacturer part that we will likely need for all the major brands of washers and dryers such as GE, Goodman, Lennox, Bryant, LG, Kenmore, Sears, Armstrong, Carrier, RCA and others!



Far and away we check out dishwasher more often for loud noises than for any other issue. A loud washer usually has damaged bearings, a worn belt, or a broken pump motor. We can fix or replace these parts on a brief service can and the same day that you call for help.


When the washer does not turn on it commonly has a bad thermal fuse, damaged timer, or broken door latch. When the machine does not agitate, we check the agitator cogs, drive belt, coupler, and transmission which are the usual offenders. And, don’t forget that when the machine does not turn on you need to check the circuit breaker and also make sure it is plugged in!


When we check out washers that won’t spin, we find problems with the motor couplings, door latch, or the wax motor. These are repairs that we can do the day you call and which only take a couple of hours to complete.


You need to fix washing machine overflows before you get damage to the floor, mold issues, or rot. The machine overflows when the air dome tube is damaged, when there is a problem with the water level pressure switch, or when the water inlet valve is broken. Call us for same-day repairs for any of these issues.


When you have a broken temperature control switch or damaged inlet hose your washer will often not produce either hot or cold water. We can fix these problems quickly and efficiently.



When your dryer makes loud noises, it has a problem with a worn belt, a damaged seal, or broken bearing. This is the most common reason that we check out dryers and we can fix these issues on a short service call.


When your dryer doesn’t heat up it does not dry your clothing. This is caused by a broken heating element or a damage high limit thermostat. Occasionally the problem is a broken cycling thermostat. It depends on how these parts malfunction whether they cause the dryer not to heat up or to get too hot! Call us for a quick inspection and repairs.


The problems that we see when dryers do not turn on or do not tumble are damaged cycling thermostats, bad high limit thermostats, or broken heating elements. We can repair or replace these parts on a short service call. However, before calling us, make sure the drying is getting electricity (plugged in and circuit breaker on).


Timers that don’t work or door switches that are broken keep your dryer from turning off. Call us to fix the problem the same that it occurs.


When your dryer has a broken cycling thermostat or a bad timer motor, the timer will not advance and the dryer will never complete its cycle. Call us for a same-day fix of this simple issue.